808 Sushi: A Hawaiian All You Can Eat Sushi Bar

Assorted Sushi Las Vegas is known as the 9th island to many Hawaiians. It isn’t unusual to run into Hawaiians while you’re in Las Vegas. 808 Sushi, 808 for Hawaii’s area code, is an all you can eat sushi bar that opened in early 2010 in a strip mall right next to the Rhodes Ranch community.

Although they don’t do all you can eat sashimi like Hikari, they have no time limit, good quality of fish, and pricier items like amaebi, uni, and  a dessert is included.


  • Shrimp Tempura – The same tasting shrimp tempura you get at all the other sushi bars.
  • Garlic Chicken – Deep fried chicken dipped in garlic shoyu sauce. One of my favorite appetizers. It just has a really good sweet and garlic flavor. Garlic Chicken
  • Kalbi – Short ribs marinated in sweet sauce. This was tasty, but the sweet sauce overpowers the natural flavors of the short ribs.
  • Hamachi Kama – The yellowtail collar is good, if they don’t burn it. Its one of the best underrated parts of the fish. Out of the 3 times I got this, 2 of them were burnt.
  • Gyoza – Crispy pork potstickers. Same stuff you get at all the other all you can eat sushi bars.
  • Miso Glazed Black Cod – This was one of my favorite items. The miso infused into the fish, without overpowering the flavors of the black cod. Delicious.  Miso Black Cod
  • Seared Salmon Sashimi – A tasty piece of salmon mainly because of the ponzu sauce. It masked a lot of the flavor of the salmon.
  • Ahi Poke - Hawaiian style tuna salad w/ special sauce. This was a funky tasting salad. I couldn’t tell if the special sauce or the tuna is what made this dish unbearable to eat.
  • Amaebi – The sweet shrimp is usually okay. They fry up the shrimp heads, but sadly they don’t use sort of batter before they fry it. So instead of being able to munch into the shrimp heads like chips, you can only eat the innards of the shrimp head. Disappointing.
  • Albacore – Sadly, this was drowned in their ponzu sauce, overpowering the white tuna. Without the ponzu sauce, it just doesn’t have distinctive white tuna flavors like other sushi bars.
  • Mackerel – This had a really strong salty mackerel taste. It tasted just fine, if you can look past the strong mackerel taste.
  • Salmon – I’m not a big fan of salmon, but it tasted okay. Some other all you can eat sushi bars in town taste better.
  • Unagi – I’ve tasted the eel at its best when it was perfectly grilled sesame seeds and delicious eel sauce. Sadly, I haven’t had this happen again here. It seems like they sometimes don’t put the sesame seeds, while other times they do. They sometimes undercook or overcook the eel. Unagri Nigri
  • Uni – The sea urchin gonads is usually a hit or miss. You either get something creamy or something disgustingly gross and you start to feel empathy of why people doesn’t like this.
  • Hamachi – The yellowtail is consistently good.
  • Tempura Roll – Tempura, Crab, Unagi, Avocado, Cream Cheese, Deep Fried, Eel Sauce. This is probably one of the best rolls that they have. You get a burst of tempura, crab, and eel flavor then the cream cheese takes you home as you swallow the last bite.
  • Gator Roll - Spicy Soft Shell Crab, Avocado, Deep Fried Unagi, Eel Sauce. The eel was burnt. The spicy soft shell crab was fairly flavorless even with the spicy flavors of the soft shell crab.
  • Haleakaia - Crab, Avocado, Cucumber, Spicy Scallop, Baked with Eel Sauce. This was gross. The flavors of the spicy scallop and eel sauce were just off. I couldn’t finish this. Banzai Special
  • Banzai Special – A deep fried apple spring roll, vanilla ice cream, and chocolate sauce. This is their best dessert. Its pretty much apple pie with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce. The apple pie was good, the ice cream isn’t anything special.

At $21 for lunch and $25 for dinner (after 3PM), this is on par with all the other all you can eat sushi bars in town. Tempura Roll

One major low point abou this sushi bar is the quality of fish can be bad if you go on a Monday for example. This is most likely the remains from the weekend. Another major issue is the sushi rolls for all you can eat, just lack creativity. They’re really boring and usually aren’t that good. Third, they have some consistency issues with cooking certain items like the hamachi kama and the unagi. If they cook it right, its usually very good. Lastly, this place literally puts sauce on everything. For purists who want to taste the natural flavors, move along. While sauce is good, 808 Sushi seems to put too much sauce on everything.

Although 808 Sushi seems to have a lot going against it, the quality of fish, no time limit, and the variety of food makes it a rare thing in the Las Vegas all you can eat sushi market these days. If you can look past the inconsistency, boring rolls, and sauce all over your sushi, 808 Sushi should be your sushi bars of choice.

808 Sushi

7435 S. Durango Dr.
Las Vegas, NV 89113
(702) 541-7874

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