Kyara Is Las Vegas Newest Japanese Tapas

Beef Tataki Kyara is a Japanese izakaya, tapas, that opened early April 2011. This is owned by Yasuo Komada, the same person who owns Naked Fish Sushi & Grill, a really popular sushi bar of Las Vegas locals, poker players, and Cirque de Soleil show performers.

As you step into Kyara with a contemporary design, you’re greeted by all the chefs and waiters in Japanese. With Kyara’s bar in the center, you have open rooms surrounding the bar. This layout is cozy. You look around, and notice everyone eating at Kyara is Japanese. This experience makes you feel like you’re a guest at a Japanese’s friends home.

  • Fried Tuna (Free) – A fried piece of tuna with spicy mayo sauce to start your meal. The tuna was fried too long, so you don’t even taste any of the tuna at all. The sauce just drowns out the rest of any remaining tuna you can taste.
  • Aburi Shime Saba ($5.80) – A perfectly seared mackerel. It was very oily, but cooked perfectly and still delicious. The inside was lukewarm, yet cooked. This would have been better if the inside was warm or hot. Aburi Shime Saba
  • Cheese Tempura ($6.50) - Havarti, bree, and mozzarella cheese fried with some fig jam. The cheese was fried perfectly and good for those who love these cheeses. The fig jam was a good condiment to go on top of the cheese tempura.
  • Garlic Potato ($3.50) – This is Japanese french fries. The strong garlic flavor and perfectly fried potatoes were good. Be careful, the inside was very hot.
  • Asari Saka Mushi ($6.80) – The steam clams in the sake broth were very tasty. The sake broth was a hint of butter was good. The clams were small, but good.
  • Shoniku ($1.90) – The chicken thigh was okay. Cooked fine. Once you’ve ate grilled chicken before, you’ve ate this.
  • Butabara ($2.20) – The pork bellys on skewers were acceptable. Cooked just right. Nothing bad or exciting about it.
  • Asparagus Bacon ($2.30) - Bacon had a nice soft, chewy, and flavorful taste. The asparagus was cooked perfectly. Much better than the stuff you get at Ichiza. Bacon Asparagus & Enoki Mushrooms
  • Enoki Bacon ($2.30) – Exactly the same as the asparagus bacon, except it uses enoki mushrooms instead. Cooked perfectly and very flavorful mushrooms.
  • Gyutan ($5.50) – The beef tongue was very tender, especially for beef tongue.
  • Tori Chazuke ($5.80) – Rice with tea, plum, and wasabi. A rice porridge that was simmered in tea, traditionally found in many Japanese households. This was really bland and flavorless. It doesn’t look like this dish has wasabi, until you accidentally take a spoonful of the rice porridge and realize you got a big hunk for wasabi. The wasabi should be on the top of porridge so you know to mix things together.
  • Beef Tataki ($9.50) – A very clean and buttery (resembling wagyu beef) tasting beef. The outside is seared slightly, but the beef is still raw on the inside.  One of the best items that this place serves. Chocolate Fondant
  • Sauteed Awabi & Vegetables ($11.50) – Abalone sauteed with vegetables. The awabi had a horrible rubbery texture. There was something off about the broth that was unappealing. The vegetables and mushrooms were sauteed too long that mushroom and vegetables were almost mushy.
  • Chocolate Fondant ($5.20) – A very good chocolate lava cake. The chocolate sauce is just oozing out when you break into the moist chocolate cake. Delicious. Be sure to order ahead of time, since its takes 15 minutes to make.

With any tapas style foods, things can get pricey very quickly. Expect to spend at least $30 per person if you’re going to try to experience a good portion of what Kyara has to offer. For comparison, this is more expensive than the well known Ichiza but less than Raku. With a dinner only option, there isn’t any kind of lunch special discounts. Condiments

The food here ranges from mainly okay to a few handful of exceptional items. Unlike Ichiza, this place doesn’t have any items that are complete failures. Everything here is at least acceptable or better than Ichiza, which is hard considering some of the foods that they’re offering. Kyara would be a cheaper, less exotic version of the upscale Japanese tapas, Raku.

Kyara offers fairly consistent food. While it may not wow you like some of the items at Ichiza, it does have some items that Ichiza just cannot match. It still isn’t enough to compete with Raku, but won’t break the bank when you eat here. Kyara fits nicely in between Ichiza and Raku for Japanese tapas. Come with the expectation that you’ll get very clean tasting and tasty traditional Japanese dishes and you won’t be disappointed.

Kyara Japanese Tapas

6555 S. Jones Blvd.
Suite 120
Las Vegas, NV 89118
(702) 569-4405

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