Sushi House Goyemon: Awesome All You Can Eat Sushi in Las Vegas

Restaurant Front Sushi House Goyemon is a new all you can eat sushi bar in Las Vegas. Owned by the same people who own the highly rated SushiMon and Monta Ramen. While this is a new sushi bar that opened in March 2011, the people running it certainly aren’t new to the all you can eat sushi scene in Las Vegas. For those who have ever been to SushiMon, Sushi House Goyemon is exactly the same except you get more variety and some interesting concoctions like grilled pork belly, toro, and green tempura creme brulee that you just won’t see in other all you can eat sushi bars in Las Vegas.

Although it doesn’t have all you can eat sashimi and there is a time limit, they make up in quality, variety, good value on the bento boxes, and not strict on the 1 hour time limit.

  • Miso Soup w/ Shrimp Heads – This is shrimp heads in a traditional miso soup. The waitress recommended that we get shrimp heads with our miso soup. It did add some subtle shrimp flavors to the miso soup, which is unique from what you usually get at other sushi bars.
  • Fried Oysters - The fried oysters was good, but felt a more sour or bitter sauce might have worked better than a sweet sauce to really bring out the oyster flavors.
  • Grilled Pork Belly – A nicely grilled fatty piece of pork belly. The mango salsa adds some citrus and sweetness flavors to the pork belly. Delicious. Grilled Pork Belly
  • Hamachi Kama – The yellowtail collar was cooked perfectly. The fish was moist and juicy. Other all you can eat sushi bars needs to take some notes from Sushi House Goyemon. Limit 1 per person.
  • Baked Green Mussels – Cheese and green onions makes everything taste better. This was no exception on the mussels. They do need to bake the cheese a little more so it comes out hot, instead of lukewarm.
  • Spicy Tuna Cracker – This has crispy sushi rice, spicy tuna, spicy yum, and eel sauce. This is a variation of a spicy tuna roll. The crispy sushi rice was tasty, but the thickness of the sushi rice is distracting. If they cut the height of the sushi rice in half, the proportion of the rice to spicy tuna would be perfect. Red Snapper
  • Aji – The horse mackerel was on the fishy side, but it still had the oilyness from being in the mackerel family that made it good. On the daily special menu.
  • Amaebi – The sweet shrimp was good. Limit 1 per person.
  • Anago – The seawater eel is different than people are accustom to at most sushi bars. This is a lot more tastier than unagi, the fresh water eel version. Sadly limit 1 per person and was on the special daily menu.
  • Hatae – Fresh water scallops recommended to me by the waitress. The ponzu sauce really brought out the flavor of the scallops.
  • Unagi – The freshwater eel was good, but the anago was a much better eel. Could use some more eel sauce and some sesame seeds on it.
  • Kobe Beef – The second best beef you can get. A very fatty piece of kobe beef. It was tasty and cooked nicely. On the special daily menu and limit 1 per person. Kobe Beef
  • Red Snapper – One of the few all you can sushi bars that executes red snapper correctly. A very clean and fresh flavor to it that isn’t overpowered by sauce or other condiments.
  • Hamachi – The yellowtail was delicious. Fish was fresh.
  • Salmon – Not a big salmon fan, but I know this was a good one. Had a great fresh salmon taste to it.
  • Seared Tuna – The tuna has been seared really quickly and then cut. This was some tasty pieces of nigri.
  • Snow Crab Meat – It didn’t have the sweetness that I’m accustom to when I get snow crab.
  • Super White Tuna – One of my favorites fish, was tasty, but didn’t have the distinctive flavor I come to expect.
  • Tuna – Nice pink color on the sushi and tasted good. Tuna
  • Uni – The sea urchin gonads was tasty. The nice golden yellow color means that this is some quality sea urchin. Limit 1 per person.
  • White Clam – Served raw, had a rubbery texture, but otherwise tastes good. On the daily special menu.
  • Sexy Girl Roll – This has shrimp tempura, crab meat, cucumber, spicy tuna, scallop yum, spicy garlic sauce and eel sauce, shrimp tempura crumbs. This was a good sushi roll. Tempura Ice Cream
  • Tempura Ice Cream – This is also known as fried ice cream. Ice cream is covered in tempura batter and actually fried. It should resemble a waffle cone ball with ice cream inside. However, the outside of the tempura ice cream was soggy, instead of coming out crispy. Disappointing.
  • Green Tea Creme Brulee –  A delicious creamy green tea flavored custard. You know this is green tea when you look and taste it. Too bad its limit 1 per person.

At $27 for all you can eat, this is the going rate that you expect to pay as all the other all you can eat sushi bars in Las Vegas. There isn’t a lunch option, since they only have a dinner option. However, when you consider the quality of sushi you’re getting and the variety of nigri sushi, appetizers, sushi rolls, and daily special you certainly are getting one of the best value for your money. Green Tea Creme Brulee

Service here was friendly, but slow. The waitress offered some good recommendations on food and was very friendly to answer any questions that our party had. However, food came out very slowly. It wasn’t unusual to have a 15-20 minute gap as we wait for more food to come out in the same order. This could be one of the reasons why they didn’t enforce the 1 hour time limit. Although Sushi House Goyemon maintains some good quality control, they need to bring food out quicker.

Sushi House Goyemon is the all you can eat sushi bar to try. They set the bar of what all you can eat sushi in Las Vegas should be about, quality food, offer a variety of food options, and executing each item correctly. If Sushi House Goyemon can improve on getting food out quicker, continue to maintain the quality of food, and be liberal with their time limit, they’ll make a lot of all you can eat sushi bars in Las Vegas go out of business. For now, enjoy the great food at Sushi House Goyemon, but remember to be patient and get a stamp card.

Sushi House Goyemon

5255 S. Decatur Blvd.
Suite #118-119
Las Vegas, NV 89118
(702) 331-0333

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