The Boiling Crab Las Vegas Opening Delivers Good Food, Disappointing Service

Restaurant Front
The Boiling Crab, a popular cajun seafood boil restaurant in California and Texas, had their opening yesterday November 7 in Las Vegas after some delays to their planned opening in August. The Boiling Crab enters the Las Vegas market with their well established brand, challenging competing local favorite Hot n’ Juicy Crawfish and the recently opened Cravin Cajun.  The opening day was greeted with no wait, something out of the norm for those who ever been to other The Boiling Crab locations.

  • Shrimp ($8.99/lb) – Since they didn’t have fresh crawfish, this was a good alternative. I recommend the whole sha-bang sauce, which is a rajun cajun, garlic butter, and lemon pepper sauce combined together. The sauce is on par with all the other locations, I just wished it had a stronger garlic butter taste.
  • Lobster  ($16.99/lb) – This was an entire lobster. Cooked nicely and a very good quality of lobster, with lots of firm, but not tough meat.
  • Clams ($9.99/lb) – One of the items of the night that wasn’t good. The whole sha-bang sauce was way too salty. Making it very hard to enjoy the clams.
Cajun Fries
  • King Crab ($23.99/lb) – A nice 3 pieces of king crab legs & claw. You can actually taste the sweetness of the king crab. A much better quality of king crab than Hot n’ Juicy Crawfish. It was annoying when we requested to the waiter if we could get 4 pieces so that everyone in our group could get a piece.
  • Sausage ($7.99) – Good flavorful sausage. I just wish they would slice the sausage a bit thinner, so you can eat the sausage in a single bite.
  • Corn  ($0.75) – A good side item that just sucks up all the juices of the sauce.
  • Cajun Fries ($2.99) – Was seasoned nicely, fried to a nice golden color, and was crispy.

They only had frozen crawfish opening day, so I opted out of it. They also didn’t have any blue crab available.
Clams & Corn While the food is on par with other The Boiling Crab locations, they need to work on their service. On opening day, there must have been at least 30 employees on staff, everyone dining at the restaurant could have gotten their own waiter! With so many employees, you would expect to get a 5 star service? Nope. There was maybe about 5 people actually servicing customers, and a lot of people standing around like a chicken with their head cut off.

Even management (I assume they’re management since they were wearing Boiling Crab polos), seem to have the same attitude. When we try to signal the waiter, two people from management looked at us and did nothing. Disappointing. I don’t care what position you have a restaurant, when you see a customer signal for help and they aren’t getting any, you step in and help them. This should apply to all their employees. Standing around and doing nothing is the one of the worse things to do. There is always something to do in a restaurant. On a more positive note, one of the people from management did come to help us when I signaled for service later that night.
Corn & Shrimp
I would like to see them have a board of all the current market prices for the seafood or anything that might be not available. Its frustrating to ask your waiter for all the prices for the market price seafood and he doesn’t know them. The waiter did do a good job of informing us they only had blue crab and frozen crawfish before we ordered. Instead of napkins, I would like to see them use paper towels. Its annoying to grab a bunch of napkins just to clean off your hand or having napkins get stuck in the napkin rack and having to dig into it with hands covered in cajun goodness.

I’ll be optimistic that this a new restaurant and there are always some issues to work out. With some more training and leadership, service should improve a lot, I hope.
The Damage
The Boiling Crab delivers the seafood boil goodness. Its a good relaxing atmosphere for those who aren’t afraid to get messy and enjoying the whole experience. They’ll give Hot n’ Juicy Crawfish a run for their money and  likely put Cravin Cajun out of business. The need to work on training their employees and even management. Once they accomplish this, they will give Las Vegas natives a taste of what Californians and Texans have been raving about. Those who moved from California or Texas will feel like they’re home again.

The Boiling Crab

4025 S. Decatur Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89103
(702) 386-0808

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The Boiling Crab